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STB Temperature Infrared

Product Abstract:

Test Temperature Arrange:250C-2700C

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Product Description

STB Temperature Infrared

This is machine special for the induction heating machine to design, and main suitable for the automatic solder, welding, brazing application.

 This is the infrared automatc adjust the power output of induction heating machine. For example, if the solder temperature need 800C, when the induction heating machine heat up to 800C, then the infrared automatic to adjust the machine's power output to always keep at 800C, the temperature will not up and will not down. Or you set 3S to reach 800C, maybe 3S at the same power output can reach 900C, at this time, the infrared will automatic power output, down a little power output, let's 3S up to 800C.

But this type need adjust our inside of machine then connect this infrared, then can work together. The person who need know much our induction heating machine can know how to adjust our machine inside to connect it, generally speaking, need adjust by our engineer

Used closed-loop control output, control output power of the induction heating machine, so that the workpiece is heated temperature stabilized at a constant temperature set point , to achieve automatic constant temperature , heating time , constant temperature and  heating time heat . The alarm port can be used as warning lights and buzzer.


1  Closed-loop control principle: The accurate thermostat in this way is the preferred method . The principle is: the machine to be controlled equipment power regulation to a given level as a reference (REF) , the minimum power level for the reference ( REF --- - ) , setting the temperature number and actual temperature digital treated by micro- The echelon comparison . Isolation device output corresponding voltage control induction heating machine output power , the output voltage limit between ref - REF +.

2 Automatic delay timer start options

The machine automatically delay start timer , there are two ways: one is start the machine and start the timer  at the same time, the other is : workpiece heated to the set temperature starts to timing, selected by the switch on the front panel , suitable for heating time , constant temperature heating time , such as melting, automatic welding, brazing, solder.

      3 Automatic delay time scale selection

Factory standard full scale of 9.9 seconds and 99 seconds , selected by the switch on the front panel , the other scale is set according to customer requirements

4 Fiber optic sensing

Since the detector adapt to the ambient temperature is below 75 ° C , the use of fiber optic sensing . Detector placed in the main part , the probe tolerance to adapt to high temperatures and strong electromagnetic interference environment

      5 Fully coaxial laser sighting

Laser direct measurement position is accurate , especially for small target precise positioning , they can always ON or OFF. The laser sighting switch without any operation , laser sighting will automatically enter turned off , the factory setting is 30 seconds unified , others set according to customer requirements

      6  Easy to operate

Temperature, time set by the respective plus↑less ↓key to set,  the machine is used as the measured temperature display digital tube , automatically display the set temperature when you set temperature , stop operation automatically return to displaying the measured temperature , if need confirm again the setting temperature , please press the dedicated keys .



Measure temperature range

structural pattern


250-800 ?

Line fiber-optic thermometer


400-1200 ?

Line fiber-optic thermometer


700-1600 ?

Line fiber-optic thermometer



Line fiber-optic thermometer


1500-2700 ?

Line fiber-optic thermometer

Voltage?220-240VAC  Power consumption< 10W

      Distance  coefficient :75:1

     Repeatability precision: 1 ?

     Fiber length : 1.4M ( standard)

Time scale : 9.9 seconds , 99 seconds as option, others please according to request to set.

     Timing start : start the machine start timing or heated to the set temperature starts timing as options

    Laser sighting : any switch , such as laser sighting enable 30 seconds laser sighting switch without any operation , will automatically turn off (15 seconds for the standard set ) ,    others requirements according to customer to set.

    Working temperature: Host ≤50 ?Humidity : 10% -80%  Fiber - optic probe: temperature ≤150 °C Humidity : 10% -80%

   Dimension: Main part 240 ( L) x 180 ( W ) × 110mm ( H) mm fiber optic probe : diameter 20 x 90mm

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