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                                                     How to Choose the Machine

Different frequency induction heater will lead to different heating efficiency, different frequency determining the quality of heating. Different power decides workpiece’s heating speed and heating efficiency. So, the key is according workpiece’s heating request, choose the right frequency and power.

1 How to Choose Frequency
According to the difference of output frequency, induction heating machine divide to: Ultrahigh Frequency Induction Heating Machine, High Frequency Induction Heating Machine, Super Audio Induction Heating Machine, Medium Frequency Induction Heating Machine and so on. Different heating processes need different frequency. If choose wrong frequency, it will not meet the heating requirements, such us heating time slow, work efficient is low, heating not even and temperature can not reach the requirement, easy to cause damage the workpiece.
How to choose the right frequency, firstly, need understand the product’s heating technology requirements. Generally speaking, have some several situations as follows:

1) Forging application, such us: hot upsetting and hot rolling for fastener, standard components, auto parts, hardware&tools, key and fluted drills. Workpiece’s diameter is bigger, the frequency should be lower,. For example:
<4mm, suitable for high frequency, super audio induction heating machine
4-16mm suitable for high frequency, super audio induction heating machine
16-40mm suitable for super audio induction heating machine
.40mm suitable for medium frequency induction heating machine

2?Heat treatment, quenching for gear and shaft and annealing for stainless steel and so on. As the quenching for example, workpiece request heating depth is shallower, frequency should be higher, quenching depth is more deep, frequency should be lower. For example: quenching depth as 0.2-0.8 suitable for Ultrahigh Frequency
1-3mm Suitable for High Frequency
3-4mm suitable for super audio
5-8mm suitable for medium frequency

3) Welding for drill bits, turning tools, reamers, milling cutters, drilling bits, blade saw and stainless steel pot bottoms, the bigger welding size, the lower frequency.

4) Melting gold, silver, brass, copper, copper, lead, iron, steel, Zinc and so on According the capacity and melting time to choose the machine, small capacity can choose high frequency, big capacity can choose super audio and medium frequency. Super Audio can meet pressure casting industry, each time can melt 200kg alum ingot. If melt iron and steel, generally speaking choose Medium Frequency.

2 How to choose the Power
The machine power is bigger, heating speed will faster, but the price also will increase,. Small power machine, cost is low, the heating speed slow. Induction Heating Machine has 3 kinds: The MAX input power, the MAX output power and the MAX Oscillation.
The relationship along these three kinds of power is that maximum input power is nearly equal to maximum power output and is equal to maximum oscillation power /60%, for example, 45kw the Oscillation power=30kw Output Power.
Generally speaking, Induction Heating Machine in China, High Frequency according to the Oscillation power, Super audio and Medium Frequency according to actual power(Output power). So if you want to distinguish which type is real power, please pay attention to the Input current for each type.

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