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                                                                  Advantage of the Induction Heating

1 Heating without touch is the biggest characteristics of the induction heating.

2 The reason for high heating efficiency is that the workpiece can emit heat from the inner parts, which is energy conservation.

3 The heating temperature is high so that can melt any kinds of the metal.

4 The heating speed is fast, the temperature can be heated to thousands of centigrade within several seconds, a little oxide skin and distortion so long as adjust the power.

5 It can be heated partially so as to guarantee the quality and conserve energy.

6 It is easy to control the temperature, automatic control can be easily reached so that the consistency of quality can be ensured, and hidden troubles caused by person factors can be avoid.

7 Little heat is emitted into the air in the heating process, it is environmental protective without soot.

8 There is no fire, without high voltage in the heating process, so it is very safy.

9 Start the machine can be used, no need preheat, and it can preserve heat as well, which can conserve energy and improve the production efficiency.

10 The heating effect is good, different heating effects can be reached by means of adjusting the inductor and power.

11 Easy operate, you can learn to operate it within several minutes.

12 100% full load design, it can work continuously for 24hours.

13 Small size and light weight.

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