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Symptom of Fault

     Failure reason

Fault Eliminate  

Now Power display      


1. Air switch, control switch is not on.

2, Control insurance is off.

3, The air switch or a bad control switch

4, Others

1, Closed the switch

2,Change the insurance pipe


4, contact with the supplier

Can not start—connect the start button ?current display “0”?sound of the machine is quick?about 5s stop

1?Short-circuit between turn with turn of induction coil

2?The induction coil’s connect point is loose

3?check induction coil whether have the load or not

4?equipment Failure

1 make sure the turn with turn of the induction coil not contact with each other

2 Tighten the induction coil

3 Add the load in the induction coil

4 Contact with supplier  

Can start, can display the current, but can not heat or heat so slow

1?Short-circuit between turn with turn of induction coil


Change the induction coil to testing

Alarm when working

Please reference the panel instruction

Please reference the panel instruction

Alarm when working, can occur sometimes

Equipment failure

Check power and water cooling system

when large current, over current alarm, when small current, the working is normal

1?Net pressure is too low

2?equipment failure

check the power, if too low, please work in the approve current

Start the machine, power supply tripping

Equipment failure rectifier bridge is damage

Change the new rectifier bridge

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