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Digital Coaxcial Flexible Induction Heating Machine

Product Abstract:

Can connect very long coaxical Flexible Cables, 5-30m can not reduce the power Suitable for car, truck and son maintain Suitable for welding, soldering application All digital control system 3 Options to operate the machine, manual, auto, and temperature control way 5 section heating model

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Product Description

DIH-18KW Digital Induction Heating Machine 
Main characteristics:

1 All digital control software, IGBT module and Inverting technologies of Fourth generation been used; Higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.
2 100% Duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
3 Main Chip ARM STM32, chip speed 72Mhz.
4 Working Model: Manual, Auto, and temperature control.
5 Heating section: 5section.

6 Display: 3.5 inch color display, Resolution320*240. 
7Working condition display: time, current, frequency, current curve. 
8 Alarm interface: over current, over voltage, water lack, phase false, over heat and so on. 
9 Can more than 360 days work data and alarm data.
10 Can connect very long flexible connection, suitable for welding, heat the work piece that normal machine cannot reach to it. 

Type DIH-18KW
Output Max Power 18KW
Frequency range 10-40Khz
Main-transformer cable length 5m
Voltage 380v+/-10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Max Current 29A
Max Actual Power 18kva
The min Breaker 3phase-63A
Cable Length 2m
Recommend L cable 3*6mm2
Cooling water 12.5L/min(17l/min)
Cooling water inlet max temperature 35C
Water Pressure 4/6bar
Cooling water PH value 7.0-9.0
Size Main Part 280*525*600mm
Transformer 120*280*240mm
Main Part 34
Transformer 4
Protection level IP42

1 Portable type, can connect very long flexible connection but will not reduce the power. Not need move the machine but can heat long distance work piece.
2 Suitable for the car, chiller, air conditioner' maintain. 
3 All digital interface, can save more than 360days working data. 
4 Schneider's air Switch
South Korea Water Pipe 
 6 Siemens or FUJI IGBT

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