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Coaxial soft connect type

Product Abstract:

High Frequency Induction Heating Machine Flexible Connection

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Product Description


Hand Type Induction Heating Machine
1 More than 19 years experience, stable and goods performance
2 CE certificated
3 Cooperated with Chow Tai FOOKS , Matsushita, Foxconn, Media, Gree a6nd ZHIGAO Air conditioner.
4 Suitable for a large range, heating, quenching, forging, melting, solding and so on.
5 Each transformers have two transformer ratios, which good for connect different induction coils to work different workpiece.
6 Soft connection, can handle to work.

7 Suitable for the especial workpiece that can not move or not easy to move, so that need let the move the induction coil to get the workpiece.

Main characteristics:
1 Siemens IGBT module and Inverting technologies of third generation been used; Higher reliability and lower maintenance cost.
2 100% Duty cycle, continuous working is allowed at maximum power output.
3Display of heating power and heating current and oscillating frequency;
4 Simple to install, Installation can be done by unprofessional person very easily;
5 Light weight
6 Advantages of the model with timer: The power and the operating time of the heating period and the retain period can be preset respectively, to realize a simple heating curve, this model is suggested to use for batch production to improve the repeatability;
7 Constant current or constant power status can be selected accordingly to achieve higher heating efficiency;



Some suggestion how length soft connection to connect each type:

HF-15KW      Connect 1.2-1.5m

HF-25KW      Connect 1.5-2m

HF-40KW      Connect 1.5-2m

HF-65KW      Connect 1.5-2m

HF-80KW      Connect 1.5-2m

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